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www.KnowSpace.co.in has a repository of questions and answers asked in various exams and interviews. Eminent Think tanks such as professors, lecturers, subject exams across the world were involved in building the database.www.KnowSpace.co.in does not guarantee the repetition of questions in same interviews and exams or any other interviews and exams. The website provides information to general public at economical price.www.KnowSpace.co.in does NOT guarantee the accuracy of the content or information that provided in this site and won’t take responsible for any INAPPROPRIATE/INCORRECT/UNFITTED questions, answers, content and any form of errors.www.KnowSpace.co.in will not be responsible in anyway for any damages/consequences that might occur due to inclusion of some incorrect content or information in this site. You can use this information solely at your own risk. www.KnowSpace.co.in assumes no liability for disputes regarding ownership, copyright, or trademarks of the data submitted to this site.



This is  MANDATORY service provided by www.KnowSpace.co.in. for USERS who wish to part-take fully in exams. Visitors can register into the site and can pay for the test online and take up the tests The users can edit their profile at any point of time during their presence online on this site.  to maintain and modify of the data submitted to the site. The personal information that collected during this registration process will NOT, be distributed and shared with any other third-parties. While submitting registration form, you also agreed to provide and maintain true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the Service's registration form. www.KnowSpace.co.in verifies the accuracy of Personal Information that is submitted to the site by sending email notifications and SMS.www.KnowSpace.co.in reserves the right to suspend or permanently delete any user, If the data or information provided by the user is inaccurate, not related or incomplete or if the user violated our terms and conditions in any manner. The amount paid for the subscription is not refundable.



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The Personal information, email that submitted while registering to the site, will remain confidential and will NOT be distributed, shared with any other third-parties. We only use this data for our information, for research, to improve our services and for contacting you in future. Any significant changes will be notified to you by sending an email to your email address that you provided while registering with us or by placing a notice on our site.